Saturday, March 28, 2009


A good friend of mine whom I have known since I was a wee teen, Joe, has put together this documentary for Cervelo. He asked me to use some of my tracks for the piece, I of course said yes not only because we are old friends but also because I really like what he is doing with this project. I thought I would put it up here on my blog just for fun.

Beyond The Peloton: one - BEGINNINGS from Cervelo TestTeam on Vimeo.


lcs said...

I like how the documentary is made-up. Your music is a great addition to it.

Netsnipe said...

Hi Milosh, what's the name of track used in the Cervelo soundtrack? Do you have a link to where I can downnload/buy it?


Mike Milosh said...

Hey Andrew, one of the songs in the doc is from my first album, and the song is Push. The other two are versions of songs that are going to be on this new Ep that I am working on, so they won't be available until at least the fall.

Isak said...

great song
really sets the tone for the film

i found you on itunes and you have some good stuff

Anonymous said...

I've finally achieved my "quest" by finding who's the author of the music(s) which fit perfecly the great documentary of the Cervelo Test Team.
U've achieved a good job Milosh ; it fits perfectly the videos !

Rod the little boucing bask.

Josh Barrett said...

GREAT tune!

Anonymous said...

Could you please state the name of the two tracks besides "Push" that make the Cervelo documentary so extraordinary.

Thank you very much.



eric said...

Your music gave me goose bumps!!!
It goes very well with this video.. well done!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Milosh!

Listening to your music is a great pleasure for me! Especially the music to the Cervelo-videos is great! I read the the maintitle is called "Push". But what about the other songs? What's their name? Where can I get them?

Thanks and best regards,

Raphael said...

I loved your music before I fell in love with cycling. When I heard your music on that documentary I almost shit a brick. Two of my favorite things in one place.

Your sound rocks.