Saturday, February 14, 2009


So I hit the road, that road that often calls my name, back to Montreal, back to the city in which I feel most productive. For some reason I am most happy recording vocals in my bedroom, (not in the studio) late at night as the city settles, with the lights low, in this old apartment that has housed many before me. I am going to be doing the vocals for most of this ep here in Montreal but first I am working on a part for a Daedelus track (something I have talked about doing with him for a while now) and possibly Tycho as well. I am excited about both of these things, I really feel that though we are in similar genres, it will be a welcome challenge and a real sort of refresh or change for me. But it's more then just my apartment, it's the food in Montreal, the people, the fun, the culture, the cold and even the tension that has me loving working here.


SEAN said...

I am originally from Baltimore, MD. My Girlfriend is originally from Perth, Ontario. We are currently living together in Nashville, TN. We have been discussing what city we are going to end up in next and Montreal is high on our list... do you recommend it? Would it be a good place to start over? We are both artists (photographers & musicians like you) looking for a friendly, beautiful, exciting and affordable new town. What is your opinion?

BarnFairy said...

Gorgeous favorite time of day....serenity...isolation...begs some perfect "sunset music" to reflect upon.

Swan said...

I know a song, and a swan who's waiting under a melting sky.