Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bass Line

This Bass line came into my head during breakfast so Clare recorded me singing into her camera so I wouldn't forget it. I thought I would be fun to show here just in case it actually turns into a song and becomes something I will use for this record.


reiven said...

Hehe yeah, really nice "milosh'ish" bassline!

Mark said...

I say turn it into a song anyway. You know it'll turn out really well!

Marnie Brumder said...

Hello Milosh!!
I am an animator/background illustrator and I listen to your haunting music all the time when I paint. I work and go to school in ugly L.A. and yet even it can become beautiful when set to the right music. Your music is a great inspiration. Never stop.
For a lack of a better place to say thanks, "THANKS!"