Monday, August 10, 2009

Fanny Dancing

I arrived in St Germain just outside of Paris a few days ago to film Fanny, a dancer whom I starting talking to a couple of months ago about doing a project together. She sent me some videos of her improvising to some of my songs, her movements were beautiful and completely matched the way I felt about music. I tried to keep her in mind and attempted to create a song that she could move to, something that suited her style. I nervously showed her the song for the first time and I have been documenting her experience with the piece, filming everything from her hearing it, to her working out ideas to the piece alone and with her Choreographer Marc. I am approaching this video the same way I approach making music, with no expectation. I am not trying to steer this piece in any particular direction. I am just filming her exploring what I have created while she explores ways to move to it with no real pre conceived notions of what this little film should be, other then, I want to make it beautiful.


Swan said...

This will be so lovely when paired with your sound. Beautiful. Beautiful.

Her Blog said...

I think your work together will b a success.
Can't wait.

ian peters said...

Very Nice Milosh! I like the correlation! said...

i'm trying to imagine your music with a breathing feel.
your music has beats, no doubt.
but a pulse. like a breath

like how she first moved while on the floor.