Thursday, June 25, 2009

what have I been up to?

Biking around, writing lyrics in the park and socializing... I haven't felt like rushing this ep, ideas are coming to me by just relaxing, taking in the city and allowing it and the people within it to inspire me. I went to this pretty fun party last night under a bridge held by Speaker Bruiser and friends, summer is in full swing. I think I am going to drive to Toronto tomorrow and record some more guitar parts for the song "Want to say more" with Paul and maybe even do some strings as well.


Anonymous said...

Your an inspiring artist. And its great when so many things around can help with the creative flow..

Anonymous said...

Realy dig these three picts together. Like the colors and feeling.

Anonymous said...

i just discovered your music today from slacker radio. the song, it's over, really got me, and i just did a search for you on myspace. are you going to be touring, and if so, come to DC! peace :)