Thursday, January 8, 2009


My good friend Jai Johnson came by the studio the other day when we were working on some guitar parts for the song (working title), "Wasted Time" and made this little film. I started the song in Montreal but brought it to the Toronto studio, Imprint Music, to record the guitars, bass, and drums with Paul. I find it kind of ideal to work in different environments while working on a track. Keeps you objective and fresh, and it's nice to have other sets of ears in on the work in progress, keeps me from producing something toooo self indulgent. Even though the guitar part for this track will only actually make up about 10% of the total song, it's really important that it has the proper sound and feel to it. We'll spend a whole afternoon just working out the right sound for the guitar for that particular song, and on into the night running takes with different approaches till we’re satisfied. Takes a long time but I do admit I love the feeling of just sitting in a totally tech, geared-up studio, working out ideas and sounds. I’m rarely in a rush to just hammer through it and get it done.


Anonymous said...

gear head.


Knivis said...

Hard but funny work!

Onedaydreamlater said...

SSL 9000J?