Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coming into winter

Coming off my little tour in Europe with my musical partner in crime Paul Pfisterer, I was totally beaming, excited and ready for more. We Played in Germany at Popkomm for my European label, !k7, France with the Norwegian band Minor Majority, England with the all around boy Genius Jon Hopkins, Ireland with Chequerboard and then Italy. I kind of expected the inertia from this wonderful fall to come across the ocean with me and back to Canada for the winter. Instead I was kinda forced into a kind of unwanted rest and relax recoup all the while my brain still spinning with a slight case of the what's next what's next. The thing is with this industry is that if you're not out there pushing really hard there is a lot of down time, lots of hurry up and wait. I hung out with my friends and family for a bit and just basically killed time when the need to write more music erupted so I packed up and headed off to Montreal where I enjoy living, loving and writing. I live with one of my best friends from childhood, Kelly, who dj's in Montreal and basically get up to no good in the down times between ideas. This is where this blog is starting, at the beginning of what most likely will be a 4 song ep. This blog is most likely going to be a sort of journal about my process and the things that are going on around me with me and my friends while in the middle of creating this.

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Anonymous said...

yay! this means new music from you!! can't wait to read your creative process and the steps you do into creating amazing music :)