Thursday, December 18, 2008

An aspect of a beat that might or might not actually be in a song

So the thing I love about living with Kelly is that we both produce music, it’s a great environment in which to work. We both give each other objective feedback on one another’s projects and we are also working on some stuff together. Often I’ll be home all day working on some little tiny aspect of something in a song and Kelly will walk up the stairs, still freezing, jacket and boots on and I’ll be like, “Dude, check this out, I've been working on this all day, it’s kinda weird I know but what you think?” A couple of days ago, I'd been working on this tiny little intricate aspect of a beat that I had recorded, making sound effects with my mouth and rubbing my hands across hard cover books. I then spent about 4 hours editing, cutting, splicing, reversing sections, dropping effects on and then hard panning the thing back and forth to give it that extra little bit of movement. Kelly walks in, discombobulated and just wanting to relax for a minute and I kinda bombard him with my day's work and make him listen to it. “It’s cool and all and I’m sure you had a lot of fun making it but it’s way too busy and it doesn’t totally go with your song, man. Why don’t you take your own advice on this one, simplify it, make the beat more of an anchor,” he says. In an instant I realized he was totally right. It was way too much, it collided with some of the melodies and kinda took away from the track rather then adding to it. I am still going to use it but as more of a 4-bar lead up to the mid section and I'm going to have it in a little bit near the end. I thought I would post this 'cause I thought it was kinda funny. Nothing lost though, I kinda feel when you work on something for a long time that is not necessarily in the track, it imprints itself in your song, like it’s supposed to be there, an eerie but beautiful being that lingers silently in some way, a ghost.


Anonymous said...

this new blog is totally interesting... Interesting to read how you are working, where your inspiration is coming from...
And put some videos about sounds, you have been working in, make me think it's a new way of showing your work and the evolution of your ideas.
Take care
Cha' ;) (the one from Paris!^^)

Anonymous said...

yo that shit is fuckin wack son.


(slash you're great and so is your blog)

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